As the world shrinks and cultural influences fuse together across many social landscapes, making Britain a classic and unique melting pot, the influences of many communities are impacting on nearly every aspect of our everyday lives; from food and leisure to fashion and music.

As this fusion permeates into the national and global arena, so entertainment and media are capturing and utilising the potential benefits of the colours, textures, language, literature, sounds and lifestyles in images portrayed across our streets and screens, both subliminal and tangible.

The fusion is gaining both a mass market and appeal, for clothes with ‘ethnic’ cuts to entertainment with an ‘ethnic’ edge.

Pukkanasha is about portraying the voices and faces of this fusion for the global market. We want to present the lives of people on the streets, and bring a fresh contemporary edge to film writing and to draw on the roots of the cultures to bring new life to film making.